Our Capabilities

Hanser & Associates is a national public relations firm that creates and manages relationships to deliver powerful results. Click on any capability to learn more.


Sometimes you need to control the message. At all times, you need to be effective.

Crisis Management

We can help you deal with problems. Preventing problems is important, too.

Media Training

Let’s make sure you look and sound your best in news interviews and elsewhere.

Reputation Management

We’re not just talking about search results. Let’s make sure you’re well-known for what matters most.


You can’t be all things to all people. What can your customers expect from you?

Event Marketing

Connecting face-to-face, and building engagement, is still important.

Product Launch

First impressions count. Let’s do it right.

Research and Analysis

Do you have good data? Do you know how to use it?

Strategic Planning

Beyond the value of the plan is the execution. Let’s build something that gets done.

Content Marketing

Are you consistently creating valuable digital, video and print content to attract the right audience?

Media Relations

The care and feeding of reporters remains central to our work.

Public Affairs

You can’t over-communicate about issues and policies. Getting people to pay attention is the tricky part…

Social Media and Digital Marketing

We’ve been doing this since the beginning. It’s not easy. Want some help?

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How Americans’ media diet informs 2021 PR strategy

How Americans’ media diet informs 2021 PR strategy

Where do you get your news? Where do your customers get their news? The answers will help you navigate 2021. Pew has vital data on our changing media habits; their American News Pathways report has a lot to say about how people understood 2020. In short, we mistrust...

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What have we learned?

What have we learned?

When we asked clients and friends about what 2020 taught us, the lessons were often succinct. “Slowing down isn’t a bad thing” “We can, in fact, do a lot of things differently” “Joy is not frivolous” “Join the correct Zoom call at the correct time” What have you...

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