’s industry-leading communication program since 2006 helps the city-to-city express bus company grow to serve more than 24 million customers in 100 major cities across North America. The integrated program by Hanser & Associates communicates the voice of the company’s customers via media relations, social media, events and advertising.

Expansion Situation: is the first city-to-city express bus service to offer high-quality travel with fares as low as $1 via the Internet. in November 2012 announced expansion – with new hubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco – and now serves more than 100 cities from 12 hubs in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Texas Triangle (Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio), Toronto and Washington, D.C.

Action: For the announcements in LA and San Francisco in November and December 2012, Hanser & Associates implemented the PR-led integrated communications campaign across more than 100 cities, including:
• News conferences in LA, San Francisco and cities to be served from those new hubs, involving customers and executives; government officials and local tourism leaders
• Social media engaged potential passengers across North America
• Advertising (TV and transit) in LA and San Francisco reached millions of potential passengers
• Event team engaged thousands more

• Nearly 2,000 TV, radio, print and online news stories across North America
• Social media engaged record numbers of potential passengers
• Web traffic to hit a record
• Sales above goal.

The program, sustained since 2006, has placed more than 15,000 news stories and delivered “industry leader” status for, including:
• Time magazine in November 2012 featured with the headline “Reinventing The Wheels”
• Bloomberg Businessweek in 2011 credited with introducing a new way for Americans to travel, calling it the “Megabus Effect”
• The Motorcoach Council began using the term “MegaBus movement” in 2009 to describe the rapid growth of city-to-city express bus service.