Clients are increasingly asking Hanser & Associates for help with paid media. Our recent experience, echoed by peers and partners, has shown us that Web traffic is only part of what online ads deliver.

In short, we’re able to use modest budgets to quickly refine our understanding of clients’ customers — confirming where they spend time, what motivates them to click, etc.

Here are a couple of benefits to digital ads we want to reinforce:

  1. You can refine a message quickly — testing copy and art can happen in a couple of days using controlled variation to get the views, clicks and conversions
  2. You can find the best places to engage — confirming media behaviors (desktop computer vs. mobile, streaming radio vs. video, etc.) to help build better campaigns and programs

This knowledge has value beyond the ad efficiency. Think about how you might shift your resources if you knew — based on visible behaviors — where your customers and prospects spend their online time and what interests correlate with your offers.

Are you advertising online? Have you been seeing similar results? Please share your experience in the comments or directly by sending Ryan an email.