You’ve set up your brand ambassador program as part of your marketing strategy, and put a process in place for executing activations to build brand awareness. Now: what is your plan to keep your brand ambassadors engaged and doing good work? If ambassadors only conduct one activation a month or less, it is possible that the ambassadors feel disconnected from the program and the work they are doing.

Ambassador program coordinators can do many things so ambassadors are more engaged in the work.

Set and communicate clear goals

When coordinators are transparent about the goals, how they’re set and why, ambassadors will be eager to step up to the challenge. Just as important as the goal itself is the “why.” If that question is left unanswered, ambassadors aren’t as motivated to meet or exceed the established goals.


When ambassadors meet or exceed goals, it is important to recognize their efforts and ask them how they found success. Not only will this establish that they have done something worthwhile and that their efforts are appreciated, but also can allow you to share how they found success with other ambassadors. It’s a win-win-win. Who doesn’t like winning?


Key to creating the authentic experience people are looking for is flexibility. Not every ambassador does work the same way or will share your brand’s message in the exact same way. It is certain that brands would like their products or services talked about or presented consistently, but in order for the message to both appear and actually be authentic, ambassadors need some freedom in how they communicate your message.

Opportunities for growth

After each activation, ambassadors should engage in some guided reflection on what worked or didn’t work, and receive feedback on how to improve upon their work in the future. Being a student ambassador is a job, and dependent upon who the target demographic is (e.g. college students), this could be an ambassador’s first. Beyond reflection and feedback, what other opportunities can be provided? Are their side projects, such as writing or social media tasks which could be delegated to ambassadors? Giving more opportunities will keep ambassadors engaged and passionate about their work, and can also serve as recognition for a job well done.

Ultimately, it’s very difficult to over-communicate expectations and praise with brand ambassadors. If you need help developing or executing your ambassador program, contact us. We have experience developing successful ambassador programs with positive ambassador engagement.