How CEO built business with public relations

Here’s an inspiring story about a CEO who built an extraordinary business success with public relations.

Nick Sarillo is founder and CEO of  Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Chicago, the sixth busiest independent pizza company (in per-store sales) in the United States.  Sarillo built his business upon a unique culture,  values-driven leadership and public relations strategies.

In summary, he says, “I enjoy marketing’s movement toward more public relations—and social media in particular—because I think these tactics are more authentic, and I also believe that companies using them are held more accountable to be truthful and ethical. The more transparent and authentic companies are, the better public relations is going to work.”

This CEO knows how to market his business, and I recommend reading his story…

In this case study published Feb. 9, 2011 by Council of PR Firms …

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– And in Sarillo’s forthcoming book (Portfolio, 2012) which will highlight his principles for building an inspired, high-performance organization.

Ronald Hanser, APR, President, Hanser & Associates