Who’s most credible to persuade potential customers to purchase from your company? Your current customers!

Potential customers say their peers – “a person like me” – provide the most credible third-party endorsements. That’s why public relations strategy that mobilizes voices of our clients’ customers — and news media, industry influentials, civic leaders, etc. — help maximize brand awareness and drive sales.

With Hanser & Associates’ roots in public relations, we have unique insight into how to cost-effectively mobilize the voice of our clients’ customers. Today, we’re producing written and video testimonials for almost every client program and campaign today.

Two client examples…
1. Des Moines, Iowa-based Calvin Community uses customers’ voices effectively in TV commercials and video testimonials of residents and their families
2. Here are examples of the power of megabus.com customer testimonials, as told to a reporter in Los Angeles

Your potential and current customers seek the voice of your customers online and via word of mouth and share it as they plan purchases. Take a minute to think of where these voices could help your company – sales pitches, internal meetings, customer support, news releases…

We’ll help you mobilize those voices. Call or email Ryan Hanser if you have questions or need help anywhere in the world.