We’ve been attentive to word of mouth and social media for some time now (and remain the only member of WOMMA in Iowa). Our work in this area (call it what you want, we call it PR), has created tangible response for clients. Indeed, for organizations who are ready to act on the voice of their stakeholders, we know connecting people can bring great returns.

So, when new research shows that only a small number of organizations are pursuing this approach, it’s time to reinforce our point of view…

Your customers have changed the way they communicate with each other, and they have new expectations of your organization.

If you don’t want to get left behind, you’ve got to understand these changes and begin the work to create deeper relationships.

When I hear that “lack of knowledgeable staff” and “inability to measure ROI” are holding back investment in social media and offline WOM programs, I say: find someone with experience in Word of Mouth and social media to help. Now.

Seriously, just call us. We’d love to help you get headed in the right direction!