When we asked clients and friends about what 2020 taught us, the lessons were often succinct.

  • “Slowing down isn’t a bad thing”
  • “We can, in fact, do a lot of things differently”
  • “Joy is not frivolous”
  • “Join the correct Zoom call at the correct time”

What have you learned? We’d love to hear it, so get in touch!

Globally, our offices corralled lessons and their implications for the year ahead, reflecting the value of communication and courage in a time of transformation. The pandemic seemingly accelerated polarization of societies around the world, contributing to the fracturing of public information and undermining confidence in governments and business. IPREX firms have seen an increased demand related to developing strategies to reinforce the credibility of institutions.

For example, communication is shaping the efficacy of vaccination. As the world works to exit this pandemic, we’ve said vaccine passports are coming. Still, many Americans don’t think anyone should be encouraging vaccination (just look at our Facebook post). Almost 1 in 3 say they won’t get a jab, despite the free donuts, cash and other incentives from businesses.

There is much work to be done. And business remains the most trusted institution, globally and locally, to solve problems. Indeed, a growing optimism is felt around the world, and we’re embracing purpose-driven work.

Let us know how we can support you in the year ahead.