People talk about brands to their family, friends and colleagues in everyday conversations and on social media. In fact, in a survey by SDL, 58% of consumers say that they share positive experiences with a brand or ask for recommendations or opinions when they talk about brands—and that’s just on social media. Not only that, according to a Nielsen study, 84% of consumers say they completely or somewhat trust recommendations from friends, family and colleague and rank those recommendations as the most trustworthy. Whether good or bad, what people say has an impact on your brand. How can you use this information?
Activate a brand ambassador program. A brand ambassador program is a structured program utilizing a select few current customers to encourage positive word-of-mouth to amplify brand awareness and gain loyal customers.
Brand ambassador program activations can take many forms, including engaging with potential customers at one of or any combination of the following:

Community events

Many communities have festivals or conventions during which brand ambassadors from companies can participate. The events may require an application, registration or sponsorship.

College campus activations

Depending upon the college, your ambassadors may be able to engage current and potential customers at existing events through the college, student organizations or set up a table at the student union or other designated location on campus.

Street team

Street teams are a pop-up style activation. Multiple ambassadors could be stationed at certain locations or walk around a designated area in order to engage with potential customers.


Ambassadors can blog about their experience on their blog, or you could create an area of your brand’s blog designated for ambassador posts.

Social media

Provide content for ambassadors to share with their networks, or come up with their own content to distribute.
Ambassadors work to create a positive, on-brand experience, and give potential customers information on the brand, as well as share their experiences. To encourage customer trial and brand recognition, ambassadors may hand out samples, discount codes or coupons, flyers, branded promotional items or other giveaways.

Brand ambassador programs are a great way for brands to harness the power of the positive customer relationships to build brand awareness and forge strong relationships with prospective customers. If you’re considering starting your own ambassador program, get in touch. We’d welcome the opportunity to help, and have experience building and executing brand ambassador programs with great success.