Brand ambassador programs, as we have discussed here and here, are a great addition to your marketing plan because of the strong influence word-of-mouth has in purchasing decisions. If you’re considering a brand ambassador program you will need ambassadors. There are a few key things to keep an eye out for when you are seeking out great people to spread the word about your brand:

A brand evangelist

An ambassador ideally should be someone who already loves the brand and has personal experience using it. Using ambassadors who are passionate about your brand ensures that their work will be authentic and they have a wealth of knowledge about their experience with the brand to share.

An influencer

It is important to have ambassadors who are heavily involved in their communities and others consider a leader, knowledgeable or as an authority—a person others might seek out for advice or listen to their recommendations.


This is essential to having a successful brand ambassador program. Depending on what kinds of activations your ambassadors do (street teams, tabling, events, social media, etc.), ambassadors will often have to come up with creative, resourceful solutions to challenges presented. Ambassadors also need to harness their creativity to come up with ways to engage their personal networks to promote the brand. While brands provide messaging to ambassadors, part of what’s great about ambassador programs is the authenticity of the stories told by ambassadors. Each ambassador has a unique perspective and experience to share.

Success with a brand ambassador program is made possible by recruiting and retaining great ambassadors who know your brand and know how to spread the word. Contact us and let us know how we can help you build and execute your successful brand ambassador program.