We’re a PC shop, but at home I’m all Apple… And while there are all sorts of reasons to admire the company and Jobs’ leadership, I wanted to share some things Steve Jobs demonstrated repeatedly that relate to public relations:

  1. Excellence is remarkable — Apple produces, arguably, the very best products in their categories, delivering an excellent user experience from consideration through ownership. The simplicity and attention to detail in the products and service is remarkable, and it’s the remarkable nature of their products that has propelled Apple to such great heights. Word of mouth led every product launch and upgrade under Jobs’ tenure.
  2. Earning media is easy when you have a story to tell — Apple has long dominated tech news coveage because of their excellence (see above) and their marketing program based on our collective need for emotional connection.
  3. Leadership comes from doing things — He wasn’t a guy who delegated or managed from a distance; his vision and direct involvement (down to small details) made Apple successful.

I’ll stop there. What else can you say about Apple and Jobs?